February 2023

The Annual Harbour Masters Forum will be held on Tuesday 21 March from 19:00 – 20:30 hrs in the Main Hall at Warsash Sailing Club.

January 2023

The Hamble Peninsular Residents Group (HPRG) is a group set up to fight the proposed Hamble Airfield Quarry,  and have highlighted concerns that the dust and airborne particulates generated by quarrying may have an impact on mooring holders. The proposed 67 hectare quarry is expected to be operational for 15 years.

The potential for impact to mooring holders is related to varnish work and gelcoat, as well as accumulation of additional airborne matter. The acidic and corrosive effects of the sulphur fall-out from Fawley have been well known, however the erosive effects of hard sand particles will add to the general mix. These hard sand particles will be trodden-in to grind away gelcoat. This potential damage could seriously undermine and devalue the berths near the immediate vicinity of the Quarry, namely around the Mercury Marina area of the River.

Submissions to object to this planning application need to be with the Hampshire County Council by midnight of the 16th January 2023.

★ Online: (click the ‘Agree’ button at the bottom of the page to accept the terms & conditions, to access the online submissions form).
★ Email: Quote ref HCC/2021/0787
★ Letter: Hampshire County Council, Strategic Planning, Economy, Transport & Environment Dept, Elizabeth ll Court West, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD. Quote ref HCC/2021/0787

April 2022

The Harbour Master’s Safety Newsletter 1 – 22 has been published.

March 2022

Bursledon Regatta 2022

In the wake of the COVID pandemic and the realisation that the area in Bursledon Pool was becoming increasingly restricted for competitors and spectators alike, the regatta committee felt that we should explore waters anew. So, after 50+ years in Bursledon Pool, the Regatta is on the move. A big thanks to Tom and the Richardson family for hosting us for so long. We all know what a big part they have played in the success of the Regatta in recent decades.

Prior to Bursledon, the Regatta was based in Swanwick and Moody’s boatyard. But before that, back in 1882,  it was in Warsash, so we decided it was time to revisit the eastern Hamble shores.  After successful discussions, Warsash Sailing Club have generously offered to host the Regatta 2022 and into the future.

Warsash Sailing Club will give dinghy sailors, rowers, swimmers and paddleboarders more space to compete on a section of the river where spectators can have a great beachside view of the racing. This will continue to make the Regatta an exciting event for novice and more experienced sailors and other water enthusiasts alike. ‘Kipper Pond’, at the entrance to the Hamble River at Warsash, will be the location of our traditional Regatta, this location and its adjacent beach will allow an expansion of the afternoon fun races over varied courses and in full view of shoreside supporters.

Please put Saturday and Sunday, 3rd & 4th September 2022 into your calendars, and stand by for an exciting programme of sailing, rowing, paddle board races and other fun events, as well as the opportunity to take part in the water carnival. Berthing during the Regatta for spectators’ yachts and ribs will be available by prior arrangement.

January 2022:

The River Hamble Harbour Boards Strategic Vision and Plan 2022 – 2024 has been published. Of interest is point 19:

The RHHB aspires to manage the space available for all categories of Harbour users and to give due consideration to ‘zoning’ of activities where practicable. Optimal use of space has not yet involved the clearing of moorings from specific areas but may do so and the RHHB accepts that moorings elsewhere may need to be reconfigured to accommodate displaced boats. The RHHB will, where appropriate, seek the agreement of the Crown Estate to this. Competition for space is not limited to the water and the RHHB recognises the importance of adequate facilities for car and trailer parking and will maintain a dialogue with local planning authorities to encourage the inclusion of parking issues on their agendas. The RHHB wishes to encourage access to the facilities of the River for boat users of all means.